Prepaid Debit Cards – “Bulk” or “Payroll” Programs

Here at Global Money Consultants S.A. we would like to introduce to you our prepaid Debit Cards program; our firm implements prepaid debit cards programs. As well as we provide all types of payment solutions and systems (like personal and corporate Bank Accounts).

The prepaid debit card is perfect for the general public who have poor credit facility, migrant workers and those that are not having any banking facilities at all at their disposal. These debit cards can be preloaded and can then be used as ordinary credit cards. They can be used online, at point-of-sale, ATM’s (more than 1,200,000 such outposts worldwide), cash points and bank machines globally. Moreover, it’s ideal for the safety conscious customer who is concerned over identity issues on the Internet as the prepaid card is not linked to any bank account of its holder.

Basically, we offer two types of card programs (including also bulk “multiple” card programs):

1. Standard debit cards (any number)
2. Co-branded (custom art) debit cards (any number)

Needless to say we are offering these cards either as “stand-alone” situations (where the customer is getting only a card or cards); alternatively, providing the client and with a bank account at the card issuing Bank (either personal or corporate one depending on the type of customer’s profile) which may be used also for any other purposes.

Here are some of the highlights of those prepaid cards:
  • Global card access in over 210 countries
  • Multi-currency cards in EUR, USD, GBP and AUD
  • Linked directly to a private, offshore bank account for card funding and management
  • 24/7, secure online access for cardholders
  • Custom branded card artwork available
  • Flexible card costs and load fees
  • Use cards online, at point-of-sale, ATM’s, cash points and bank machines globally
  • Corporate name only, or “no-name” (anonymous) cards available
Business Expense Cards

It has become common practice for employers to reimburse employees for business related expenses.

Business Expense Cards provide a quick distribution method for company expenses or per diem allowances. Using business cards to pay staff expenses can dramatically streamline a company’s existing expense process and remove a lot of time-consuming and cumbersome paperwork while at the same time reducing the costs associated with monthly or daily staff allowances.

By using a business expense card, employees can be allowed a greater degree of autonomy when travelling, making e-commerce easy and reducing the need for cash. As the Business Expenses Card is a prepaid card rather than a Debit/Credit card, employees can only ever spend the allocated funds on the card.

With a business expense card an employer can load funds to a prepaid card directly from your offshore bank account. These funds can be topped up on an ad hoc basis depending on your needs.

Prepaid Cards are ideal for use in corporate and business environments as:

  • A prepaid payroll card
  • Commission payout
  • Travel cards
  • Loyalty/Affinity
  • Loan/Benefit payout
  • Business travel card

Corporate expenses prepaid card applications are designed for companies that wish to:

  • Eliminate cheque and cash management.
  • Easily assign and track staff expenses.
  • Swiftly issue Business Cards rather than corporate expense accounts and direct reimbursements.
  • Manage employee spending.
Using a Prepaid Business Card for Payroll
A prepaid card can be used as a solution to recurring payments – E.g. payroll, incentives and prepaid expense cards. Many companies’ workforce could benefit from direct deposit on a Prepaid Payroll Card.
For the employer, it provides the opportunity to cut costs on processing payroll. This is especially true in those industries where significant numbers of cheques are produced and distributed. By providing a prepaid card for payroll, the employer is able to load that card with the employee’s wages within minutes, efficiently and cost effectively.
The employees receive the funds on a card rather than having to cash a cheque and it gives them access to shopping on the Internet or through the traditional retail environments. Cardholders do not need to carry cash around.
For the non-banked, this solution removes the inconvenience and cost of exchanging cheques for cash, whilst providing similar benefits to a Debit Card such as access to the online world of payments.
Employer Benefits
  • Cost effective way to manage payroll
  • Easy to implement solution for your existing payroll services
  • Reduce cheque and cash management and handling costs
  • Reduce bank fees
  • Reduce security risks involved with cash and cheque fraud
  • Greatly reduce lost cheque replacement costs
  • Payments to employees either instantly or within their own timeframe
  • Issuing a prepaid card is often cheaper than sending international SWIFT (wire) payments
  • Generate revenue
Employee Benefits
  • Employees do not need to wait in queues to cash cheques.
  • Replaces the need to cash cheques at high commission rates.
  • Employees will use fewer money orders.
  • Access to Internet purchases.
  • Employees have immediate access to funds on payday.
  • Saves time and money.
  • Safer than carrying cash.
  • Benefit from safety features of Chip and PIN cards.
  • Unbanked employees can use Prepaid Cards to make payments and obtain cash.